Hours, Rates & Insurance

Office Hours

3:00pm - 7:00pm
11:00am - 7:30pm
3:00pm - 7:00pm
11:00am - 7:30pm

Session Type
50-minute Individual session
50-minute Couples/Family session

Extended Psychotherapy (Must be scheduled via phone/email) 

$270                                                                                                        75-minute extended Individual or EMDR session

$340                                                                                                        75-minute extended Couples session

$325                                                                                                       90-minute  Individual/Sex Therapy                                                                                                                                                      Trauma/EMDR  and Hypnotherapy

$400                                                                                                       90-minute - Couples/Family Counseling Session 

Telephone Calls/Sessions
All telephone calls other than the initial phone consultation and to arrange appointments will be billed at the rate of $4 per min.  

Add on's for Couples Session

$150                                                                                                       Gottman Relationship Check-up Assessment &                                                                                                                             Analysis  (Add on for Couples Session)

$200                                                                                                         Couples Intimacy Booster Program and  E-book 
                                                                                                                 (Add on for Couples Session)

Full day Intensive Couples Therapy Workshop 

Thank you for inquiring about my full day couples intensive.  
The couples intensives are usually on Fridays or Saturdays from 10am-5pm, with an hour for lunch and two 15min breaks, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  This Intensive can also be split up into 2 days, ideally back to back. The sessions Include the Gottman Relationship Check-up Assessment plus the Intimacy booster program.  This is a Gottman Sound House Relationship based program, using most of the Gottman techniques geared towards improving communication, rebuilding trust, and working through resentments and relationship wounds, as well as to improve emotional connection and intimacy.  

This program also includes an individually designed "Couples Intimacy Reboot" geared to help you identify and resolve sexual issues in your relationship.  As a team we discuss, collaborate and develop a "Intimacy Plan" that meets and addresses your specific hopes and desires and for your relationship. 

There are many take home skills presented and practiced in this intensive to offer healthy systems for couples to ensure continued communication and vital exercises for resolving future conflicts.

The intensives also includes one future follow-up session to review progress and discuss any future work or focus; a Relationship Check-up!

Full day Intensive Couples Therapy Workshop
10am-5pm, Includes the Gottman Relationship Check-up Assessment plus the Intimacy booster program!  (To schedule or request info inquire via email: [email protected])

In order to confirm your appointment a valid credit is required on file.  Please note that your card will be billed the morning of your session.  If you wish to pay with another card or use your HSA or FSA card, or your current card is not valid or expired,  then payment is required 24 hours prior to service through the "Make a Payment" tab using PayPal.

All Major Credit Cards or Pay Pal are accepted for payment.
To make an online payment in order to confirm your appointment please go to the " Make a Payment" tab.
If payment isn't received prior, the credit card on file will be billed the morning of your session.

We do not accept insurance for our services but are happy to provide you a Super-bill to submit to your Insurance carrier for out of network reimbursement.

Cancellation Policy
If you do not show up for your scheduled therapy appointment, and you have not notified us at least 48 hours in advance, you will be required to pay the full cost of the session.

Schedule Online
Couples Intensives must be scheduled and coordinated directly with me.  Please reach out to me through the email listed below.

For Questions and to schedule please email me at [email protected]
 for further information.


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